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Emu Oil 4 oz
Emu Oil 1.2 oz
Emu Oil 2 oz

Emu Oil

The potent cornerstone of our entire product line 

with a proven track record of success

Emu Oil was discovered centuries ago in the Outback regions of western Australia. Known as the "bush recipe" by native Australians, they relied on this rich and potent oil as the base to their traditional medicines to aid in the speedy relief of:

  • Joint and Muscle Pain

  • Wound and Trauma Recovery

  • Skin Disorders from the harsh climate

Highly regarded by many for its apparent skin building effects and deep absorption into muscles and joints; legend even has it that the famous Horsemen of the Snowy River Region used this amazing natural ingredient in salves and conditioners to treat their horses and themselves to the soothing comfort it provided. Contains a touch of Vitamin E for shelf stability.


"Emu Oil is not new... it's just new to the western way of life."

-Arthur Marshall, C.E.O., Emutech Pty. Ltd., Harvey, Western Australia

Heartland Pure Emu Oil

1.2 oz.


Heartland Pure Emu Oil

2 oz.


Heartland Pure Emu Oil
4 oz.


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