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Oaks Avenue

Equiheat Liniment

Deep penetrating therapeutic heated liniment for horses

Equiheat anti-inflammatory spray offers a unique combination of deep penetrating, natural ingredients including Emu Oil. This exclusive formula offers fast, effective, soothing relief from the symptoms associated with

muscle strains, sore muscles, and painful joints.

Oaks Avenue Equiheat Liniment
4 oz.

Oaks Avenue Recover

With Aloe Vera, Emu Oil and Tea Tree Oil

Great for soothing skin protection, wound protection, and many other common skin problems and emergencies.

Oaks Avenue Recover
4 oz.


Oaks Avenue Shampoo

A natural shampoo made with Pure Emu Oil and Essential Oils that give your pet healthy, clean, and conditioned hair with the added benefit of safe and natural bug repellents.

Oaks Avenue Shampoo

8 oz.


Emu Meat is a healthy alternative for pets with food allergies.

Check out our Emu Meat products page!!

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