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The Alternative Red Meat

All of our Emu Meat is USDA Inspected. All Emu are naturally grown with no additives or medications.

Emu meat is also a good alternative for pets with food alergies!

Emu Ground Steak

Ground Emu

Emu Ground Steak can be used as you would ground beef for a Healthy Heart alternative.

Emu Ground Steak -1 lb.   $5.99

Meat is shipped frozen express - please call for total pricing.


Emu Meat Sticks

Meat Sticks

Emu Snack Sticks - Americans like you continue to discover the merits of emu meat. Great taste and consistent high quality have made Heartland Smoked Emu Snack Sticks a great snack time choice, especially to those conscious of what they eat!.

Ingredients: Emu, water, salt, enapsulated lactic acid. brown sugar, celery juice, black pepper, red pepper, dehydrated garlic, mustard, coriander, stuffed in beef collagen casings. No refrigeration necessary.

Emu Snack Sticks   $1.75 each